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An Easy Hanukkah Craft for Littles

Easy Even If You’re Not Crafty…Promise!

I’m responsible for the holiday decor and craft this year for Elle’s class party, and since Hanukkah and Christmas fall so close this year, the party is combined. As such, I wanted to find easy and fairly fast (yet still cute) crafts for the kids to complete. Below, steps for making a Paper Plate Menorah and a Paper Plate Wreath.

Paper Plate Menorah – Easy Hanukkah Craft Idea

The Hanukkah Craft is Easy! Here’s what you need:

  1. Paper Plate
  2. White or Glitter Construction Paper
  3. Blue Construction Paper (I Used This Blue and This Blue)
  4. Gold or Silver Pom Poms, 9 Per Menorah
  5. Craft Glue + Glue Stick

Now Get to Crafting! Steps involved:

  1. Fold a paper plate in half and then cut along the line. Cut one of the halves into half again (this will be your base).
  2. Glue the half and the quarter together, as seen above.
  3. Cut eight pieces of construction paper the same length, and one slightly longer to make the candles. For the eight candles, I cut four strips and then cut those in half. Glue those to the back of the now-constructed menorah.
  4. Tear (or have your kids tear) the blue paper into small pieces to decorate the Menorah. I used a glue stick.
  5. Using craft glue, adhere the pom poms on top of the candles.
  6. If you didn’t use glitter paper for the candles, you could let your kids use glitter glue to further decorate the candles if you’d like.

Paper Plate Wreath

And, of course, had to do a Christmas craft too! Wanted to keep materials fairly similar. Here’s what you need:

  1. Paper Plate
  2. Green Construction Paper (I Used These This Green and This Green)
  3. Glue Stick
  4. Red Glitter Glue
  5. Red Bow (I Got Pre-Made Bows for Ease)

Now Get to Crafting! Steps involved:

  1. Bend a paper plate in half (without creasing) and cut a hole in the middle. Using that hole, cut out the center circle of the paper plate.
  2. Tear (or have your kids tear) the green paper into small pieces to decorate the wreath. I used a glue stick.
  3. Add glitter glue “berries” to the wreath.
  4. Once dry, put the bow on (I tucked the twist tie in back of the bow over the plate and taped it down).

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