What to Wear for Newborn Photos

Let me start this post by saying…I have learned A LOT since Elle was a newborn. Back then, I was working full time in a “corporate” job and while I had a similar aesthetic and loved fashion, shoes, shopping, etc., I definitely was not a pro when it came to ensuring that came through in photos.

Below, a bit about what I learned from Elle’s newborn photos and also some ideas for outfits you might like if you have a baby on the way.

What To Wear For Newborn Photos

  1. White photographs well…but ensure the outfit has enough coverage, movement and that your backgrounds work accordingly. I look back and wonder why I wore a sleeveless short dress, but alas. I imagine it fit and was what I had in my closet so I went with it.
  2. Schedule your photos a month postpartum. My Mother-in-Law tried her best to advise me that I may not want to be in photos 6 days after Elle was born, but I was determined. I ended up redoing the photos.
  3. Get help in the hair and makeup department. I did not have hair or makeup done for these photos and I see a sweet new mama. I do think that treating yourself to a little extra love via HMU can’t hurt…you’ll have these photos forever.
  4. Consider what baby, siblings and spouse will wear. I sometimes have the habit of forgetting to figure out everyone else once my outfit is locked. Elle has a lot of clothes so I always figure she will have something that will work and Michael comes last. For newborn photos, I plan to have some outfit ideas for everyone pre-defined. One less thing to think of later. Also, why is Michael wearing blue in our daughter’s newborn photos…case in point.
  5. Think through the backdrop! Order flowers. Send your photographer background ideas around your house prior to the shoot. When you’ve got a newborn, the shoot goes fast. To ensure you capture what you want, I found it helpful to review where we wanted to take photos first.

And now, the outfits…

Newborn Photo Dress Ideas

For your little one, you might consider getting an heirloom gown made (if your family doesn’t have one already). Elle was so tiny none of the clothes I bought for our shoot fit her very well. I also photographed her in this gorgeous swaddle. Added some other outfits that may work if your baby is not 5lbs. I’ll keep adding as my due date gets closer!

Baby Outfit Ideas

I got a lot of requests for girly outfits and you know how much I love pink, so consider these for your newborn shoot if you’re having a precious little gal.

Newborn Photo Dress Ideas for Gal Mamas

And, can’t leave out the little ladies…

Baby Girl Outfit Ideas

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