What to Wear for Holiday Card Photos

I love the dress I wore for our card photos this year! Got it 70% off. The children are in Charlotte sy Dimby outfits from our most recent collaboration.

What Should I wear for Holiday Card Photos?

This was a very popular question the other night when I put out the “what are you shopping for” ask. I love to get a little bit dressed up, and have been happiest with my outfits when they offer more coverage as coverage = fabric = movement and makes for pretty photos! Below, some outfit ideas you might like.

Also, decide whose outfit you are using as your center point. If it’s yours (usually mine is what I style around), perfect. If it’s your child’s outfit, great. Use that as your benchmark for coordination (don’t need to be overly matched, just ensure colors are in a similar tonality or family to be easy on the eye). Some ideas for your gal are included below too. Flip through to see coordinated looks, or scroll down for everything!

Rosie Reds

Beautiful Blues

Nice Neutrals

Holiday Card Outfits for You and Your Gal

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