Tips For Packing With 3 Kids

When I am on vacation, especially with the whole family, my goal is to make relaxation possible for all of us and I think a little prep beforehand can go a long way. With everything thought through ahead of time the days are so much more seamless. We can spend more time shopping, exploring, and enjoying the sun instead of trying to dress ourselves and the kids all morning.

While at Home

While packing at home, I use these hanging dividers to organize an outfit for each kid for every day that we are there! Then, once each outfit is chosen, I pack the clothes up in my favorite suitcases, in the dividers. Elle, Jennings, and George each have their own colored Away suitcase, so it’s easy to know where each kid’s clothes are upon arrival. You literally take out the dividers, hang and go. Makes unpacking a breeze and I always like to get sorted right when we arrive.

While on the Airplane

As all moms know, keeping kids entertained on a flight, even if it’s a short one, is a challenge.  My biggest tips to keep the kids happy are to preload their iPads (make sure you have a super protective case) with their favorite shows and to pack these busy books in their backpacks! This keeps them entertained for hours. I also love packing snacks, chargers, and any smaller necessities in these clear pouches that I also color code for each kid. It makes finding everything so easy on the fly. While in the airport I also love this carry-on luggae with a seat  that the kids can ride on if they are getting tired. So genius!

Once at your Final Destination

When the little ones are younger there are so many small things that you have to think about while traveling. Especially while staying at a resort, since there isn’t a kitchen in our room, I have to make sure I am prepared when it comes to snacks and meals for the kids. One of my favorite tips is soaking a sponge in dish soap, letting it dry, and cutting this up into smaller pieces to store in a plastic bag. I take this with me to clean small things like George’s milk cup. I am able to use the clean dish soap that I like and this method prevents it from leaking on the plane! My last life saver is putting airtags in every suitcase. Losing your luggage after a long day of travel is the worst so this always gives me piece of mind.

All of my favorite organization necessities for traveling with kids is linked on my Amazon here!

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