Tips for Dressing Up the Kids for Holiday Photos

Three Tips When Dressing Up for Holiday Photos

We always take family photos on the fancy side…what can I say, I love dressing up! Getting my kids dressed up can be hit or miss, so wanted to share a few things I’ve learned, and a few favorite Janie & Jack outfits that make dressy family photos as adorable as can be!

Tip One: Pick Outfits They Like

This seems easy enough, but I’ve learned over time that Elle in particular is much more likely to turn on the charm in photos if she is OBSESSED with her outfit. Her favorite color at the moment is gold, so I was thrilled to find the most darling gold dress (decked with bows) and sparkly gold shoes for her on Janie & Jack! Their pieces are divine and they always have accessories (everything from tights and party shoes to bows and coats), so it’s a one stop shop for the kids. Their dressy looks are among our favorites. I tend to size down for my kids (who run on the small side of their ages).

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There’s truly nothing cuter than Janie & Jack loafers for little boys. Their girls shoes are darling too.

Tip Two: Take Photos Early in the Day

Another seemingly logical concept that isn’t always achievable…but I tend to be happiest with the photos in the morning as moods are easier and we can always do something fun once the picture is snapped, without worrying about the outfits getting ruffled. I also love incorporating outerwear into the look, easy to do with Janie & Jack since all of their collections include this layer, as it’s a safeguard…if something gets messy either put the jacket on or take it off!

We try to change scenery a good bit when taking photos too. Sometimes the locations are great…and sometimes, like below, the action shots of heading from one place to another end up being my favorites!

Tip Three: Lollipops

Jennings doesn’t like photos. I’m not sure where I went wrong here. Maybe it’s his age (doesn’t want to sit still). Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like the faces we make when we’re trying to get him to stop crying (seriously, if the camera comes out, he’s not happy). Maybe he just takes after Michael who is also camera shy. The lollipop trick ensures at least some decent shots…and I think my million dollar idea is a clear handle lollipop…much easier to see in photos 😉

Special Thanks

Thanks to Janie & Jack for sponsoring this post and for the darling outfits for the kids. Elle’s jacket and dress and Jennings’ loafers are sure to be some favorites of the season!

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