Thanksgiving Morning Entertaining Ideas

Thanksgiving is a little less than two weeks away, and if you’re anything like me, you’re getting excited about the food. Our family has gone out of town for as long as I can remember, but this year we’re staying home. I’m looking forward to breakfast with Michael, Elle and Birdie. Though we’re not hosting anyone, I do want to make Thanksgiving morning special! Below, a few ideas that I’m going to execute, and you can too, especially if you have a house full of people who need Thanksgiving morning jobs.

Make an Easy, Serve-Yourself Breakfast

I love the idea of baking (pre-made) croissants and setting them out so everyone can help themselves as they wake up. This cute marble serving platter I found on Walmart.com (for $13!!!) is the perfect piece for easy access. You can also leave a big bowl of fruit out, so guests can help themselves and the kitchen can be kept clean for prepping the big meal.

Put Someone on Flowers

Elle and I love to arrange flowers together so I’ll be sure to stock up and that will be one of our morning activities (and we’ll bring the flowers to our family later in the day). But, if you’re hosting a big group, buy the flowers ahead of time and let someone else prep! Give them a choice of containers, have supplies ready (if you prefer oasis vs. just water in a vase, etc.) and let them have at it! It’s always fun to see what beauty others can create.

Let Guests Handle Dessert

Your only job here needs to be putting out a cute cake plate, like this one (which looks like it costs $100, but really only costs $29). I also found this one on Walmart.com. The site has so many great entertaining pieces!

Get a Head Start on Christmas

If you want to keep people out of your kitchen, let them help decorate your house for Christmas! Pre-shop on Walmart.com (pieces like this and this caught my eye) and entrust your house to your friends and family. What could go wrong 😉

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