Packing for Aspen

Are you a good packer?

I don’t know when it started. It being my anxiety around packing. Packing should be exciting…you’re about to go on a trip, you get to edit down your wardrobe to a few of-the-moment favorites and let’s face it, there are a million things in life worth worrying about that frankly carry more weight.

Yet, here we are. As impending trips approach, notably my Aspen ski trip, I find myself thinking about maybe toying with the idea of starting to pack. The actual packing part has gotten closer and closer to trip departure as of late. So, this go-round, I decided to be a little more planful in my approach, if only for the purposes of this blog post (which, I must tell you, is keeping me from the actual act of packing).

I’m also writing this in 70 degree Atlanta (literally it’s 72 degrees right now…hence the springtime shirt) and we’re going on a ski trip, so that adds an interesting dimension…but I like a challenge.

What to pack for an Aspen ski trip

My approach this time is as follows: stick within a color scheme (neutrals!), bring shoes that will keep ankles in tact and remember accessories that will encourage warmth (like these). Once I’ve narrowed down the clothes I’m bringing, getting them into the suitcase has become a bit easier since I pack most everything on hangers within a garment bag. Just don’t ask me to fit it into¬†a carry-on and we’re golden.

Sticking with a metallic theme for a moment, the silver lining of going to a ski town after prime season is that *hopefully* the stores will be on sale. On that note, I found the cutest puffer that’s marked down and I may try to snag it before my trip just in case.

Below are some finds that are inspiring the pieces that will end up in my Aspen suitcase. Now tell me, are you a good packer?

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