A Night at the St. Regis

Having majored in magazine journalism, part of me feels like I missed my calling, never living in New York for any significant period of time during my adult life (looking back, I’m not sure the NYU Dorms qualify).

Instagram has opened up the world I missed by virtue of the editors I follow. When I watch their Instagram Stories I’m taken behind the scenes…to the glossy shoots I would have loved to direct, to glamorous dinners and to the countless hours of editing sessions.

As I started to think more seriously about jumping into the world of blogging, I decided to stage an editorial shoot of sorts, just as a test. Luckily I have a dear friend who is a willing and talented photographer in her spare time. We packed up and spent the night at the St. Regis, just down the street and even ordered room service when we were done shooting. It was sort of like an adult spend-the-night/staycation (with a lot of outfit changes).

Here are some of the photos, if you’d like to take a look! This was one of my favorite things to shoot and I know I’ll wear this type of dress forever…it’s a classic.

I’ll be posting more from the shoot soon. Thanks to Jeffrey Atlanta for loaning me some of these dresses, most of the jewelry and a few pairs of shoes so that I could play dress up to my heart’s content.

What’s your dream shoot location? I’m going to make a list…I find that when you write things down, it’s more likely they’ll happen!

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