My Favorite Way to Unwind (Without Wine)

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How to Unwind (Without Wine)

Ever since having Elle, I’ve enjoyed having a glass of wine to unwind. While I don’t drink every night, I’ve been looking for some other (less caloric) ways to relax. Getting a massage is definitely high up on my list, so I was excited to get the chance to head to The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta for a night of pampering. Of course, they had champagne waiting for me, so my initial plan to curb the calories was temporarily thwarted (I only had a couple sips…how could I resist!).

When I arrived, I changed into a plush robe. I’ve never met a robe I didn’t love, but this one was particularly comfortable. I got my treatment outline which included a Visia Skin Analysis, DermaFlash and the Reflexology portion of the Midtown Massage. After heading to the relaxation room to put my feet up and get zen, I was escorted to my first treatment.

Visia Skin Analysis

After having my face photographed in what looked a bit like a dental x-ray machine and waiting a couple of minutes, I learned about my true skin age and the areas of opportunity to ensure my face stays wrinkle-free and sun safe (you walk away from the analysis with an in-depth action plan). I was happy to find out that my true skin age is 29 (I’m 30), though due to my foolish teenage tanning bed days (really, what the HELL was I thinking…and Mom, I can literally hear you saying “I told you so”) I have UV damage and need to be even more vigilant about wearing sunscreen daily. I am still working on keeping up my nightly skincare routine and this reinspired me (though I was so relaxed from my Midtown Massage when I got home, that I quickly forgot everything I had learned).


As I was lying there thinking about how to keep my wrinkles at bay (something about H.A. Intensifier and Vitamin C…), I was introduced to the DermaFlash, which is basically an electric razor for women that shaves the face at the hair’s superficial level (i.e. it won’t cause regrowth). Post-DermaFlash my skin felt soft and looked more glowy and smooth than ever. This is a great way to exfoliate…something I should also apparently be doing more often.

Midtown Massage

I must say, this was the highlight of my night. Between the weighted eye mask, the rosemary lavender salt scrub and the perfectly-warmed massage bed, I was so fully relaxed at the end of this reflexology treatment that I think my eyes were blurry during my drive home. I had the 25 minute Reflexology-focused treatment, and I can only image how amazing the full 80 minutes must be.

The staff couldn’t have been nicer or more knowledgeable and I enjoyed getting to meet and catch up with Spa Director Jenny Roberts, who was as lovely they come.

If you’d like to give someone (like mom!) a great gift, are interested in any of the treatments such as the Visia Skin Analysis ($90), the DermaFlash (a $25 enhancement to any facial) or the Midtown Massage ($250 for 80 Minutes) or want to learn more about the other offerings (everything from HydraFacials to Mother-to-Be massages), contact The Spa.

Thanks to The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta for hosting me at the #FSATLSpaNight. Check out their Instagram @FSAtlanta for a glimpse at the hotel, the spa and more!

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