In Good Taste

Let’s talk about taste, baby. Did yours change after having your little? Mine did, and I can’t quite pinpoint why, though I imagine it had something to do with trying to eat more wholesomely while nursing. Sure, I have been “eating clean” for years, but for me, it was always a means to an end…the end being the point where I could reward myself with a “well-deserved” treat for eating according to my regimenĀ for enough time.

For once (and, full disclosure, this really clicked after pushing Elle out and trying to up my milk supply), my nourishment wasn’t about me and as second fiddle, everything started to click. My (amazing!) Doula gave me a list of nursing-friendly foods and with that in hand, I carefully ensured I had enough of the right stuff, while avoiding things that might cause my little lady discomfort. Chocolate happened to fall onto the “could cause issues” list and since I was off of my former drug (if you will) for the betterment of my baby’s digestive system, suddenly I stopped craving it. A year later, I’m a still somewhat hard to recognize at the dessert table. I’d much rather have a shortbread cookie than my former favorite, chocolate.

Nursing is such a personal decision and experience (something I didn’t truly realize until bringing Elle home…probably should have taken a class, but alas), and for the happiness of this mama and, in turn, baby, we were on the boob for a month, while Elle got a combo of formula and pumped milk for months two and three. My appetite decreased after the pumping stopped, my energy returned and I was able to pick up my workout routine in a more dedicated way than pre-baby. I’m goal-oriented, this confirms. It will be interesting to see how my body adapts over time, but for now…pass the healthy fat, protein, carbs and wine. Very into wine these days!

Did your taste change after having a baby?


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