First Year Favorites

It’s hard to believe that Elle is already one. It seems like just yesterday we were nervously bringing her home from the hospital, unsure of how to care for a newborn. With (a lot!) of help, we figured it out and settled into our new normal. As the year unfolded and Elle grew and changed, it became clear to me that I hadn’t realized just how many phases of babydom there truly are. As much as I read about babies (which was not enough, btw), prior to having one of my own, how quickly they change didn’t really register.

So, when people ask me about the “things” that got us through the first year, it’s a bit of a loaded question. Do you mean the first six days, six weeks, six months? And then, of course, much of the answer is dependent on the individual child (do they sleep well, eat well, nurse well, etc.). Alas, for those still asking (slash trusting my judgement…as I have a lot left to learn), here are our favorite things from the first year. I broke it up into categories as this was helpful to me when I registered (though I still am not sure, in retrospect, that I truly understood half of the things I was buying).








I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten, so if I’ve missed a first year item you’re curious about, feel free to ask away! I’d also love to know your favorites. Coming soon…our favorite clothes!

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