Do You Have a Learn List?

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What’s On Your Learn List?

Do you write things down? I’ve always subscribed to the notion that writing things down helps them come to fruition (seriously, you should see my iPhone notes…I have 88 or something crazy). Whether it’s a goal, a to do list or something to pick up at the grocery store, if it’s out there in the universe, it’s more likely to get accomplished.

It’s interesting, then, that some of the things I’ve longed to know how to do are things I’ve never thought to write down. I spent the better part of the last eight years focused on my growth at work, which perhaps was a one-dimensional way of thinking. But, live and learn…literally, with this list. So, without further adieu, here’s what I want to figure out, in no particular order.


Floral Design

Curl My Hair without a Crimp

Properly Fold a Shirt / Clothes

Follow Recipes Successfully + Meal Plan

Maintain Organizational Systems I Set Up (Can This Be Learned?)

Manage My Finances

Back Up a Computer

Design Graphics in Photoshop (I Learned This in College…9 Years Ago)

Balance Working Hours with “In the Market” Hours

Edit Photos in Lightroom

Produce Content More Efficiently

Stick to a Budget

What Am I Missing?

I often think that everyone knows how to do everything but me, which is a mentality I’m trying to move away from. I have two friends in particular who I like to think of as renaissance women…creative in the most wonderful ways. What hadn’t clicked until recently is that beyond their creativity, they aren’t afraid to try. I’ve talked about not being afraid to fail, but for some reason I’ve only associated this mentality with bigger picture goals from a career perspective versus the items on my list above. So thank you to Mary Catherine and Michelle for inspiring me to learn how to do some (and hopefully all) of the things on my learn list. I’m sure I’ll be adding to it daily for years to come.

Now tell me, what’s on your learn list?

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