On Fifth Avenue on the Fifth of October, a little girl with a big personality came into the world.

A veteran in the fashion industry via gigs at Cosmo, Intermix and, most recently, as Director of Marketing at Spanx, Emily puts her well-heeled foot forward with Born on Fifth, a fashion and lifestyle blog created as an ode to her NYC roots, she was born on Fifth Avenue—on the Fifth of October, no less.

More than a personal style journal, Born on Fifth highlights fashion and fitness, profiles a host of inspiring women and features perhaps the most important person to be born on fifth: Emily’s daughter Elle, born on February Fifth.

While the story behind Born on Fifth revealed itself, Emily began to feel the pull of something big. From her first internship in New York to her editors at Cosmo, Emily has always revered the entrepreneurial and confident women surrounding her. So, when friend and Spanx founder Sara Blakely told her she should start a style blog, she took the advice to heart.

An unapologetic herald of Parisian design, a crisp NYC edge with a Southern perspective, savvy female empowerment and the earnestness of newfound motherhood are what bridge the gap from trendy to timeless. Welcome to Born on Fifth.

With a background in fashion marketing, a degree in magazine journalism and a discerning eye, Emily’s editorial voice finally has a home in Born on Fifth. Is your brand or company interested in collaborating? Want to get in touch with a press opportunity? Have a thought, question or comment to share?

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