3 Ways I Treat Myself

Do You Treat Yourself?

As a mom who happens to be a woman creeping into her mid-30’s, I think about the importance of treating myself daily. That’s not to say I act on it…I hardly ever do. But, every once in a while I do some small things to try and get in a little r&r and I’m trying to make it into more of a routine. Of course there are the easy things like taking a bath, having a glass of wine or indulging in dessert, but these aren’t necessarily turning back the clock (back to point number one, the darn aging process).

My New Favorite Treat

I was over the moon to be introduced to the Augustinus Bader line of products recently. Their whole mantra is “cell care is the new skin care” and since I’ve been neglectful of my skin (against my better judgement!), I feel like going down to the cellular level is probably giving me more bang for my buck.

The new product I’ve been using is called The Body Cream and it accompanies two other creams in the line: The Rich Cream (for dryer skin types) and The Cream (for combination/oily skin types), both of which focus on the face and d├ęcolletage. The Body Cream has a proprietary complex called TFC8 that works at the cellular level to repair and renew skin. You can put it all over your body and pretty instantly it made my skin noticeably softer, dewier and definitely more nourished. With continued use, it can reduce sun damage, cellulite and stretch marks (!). In fact, in a recent clinical trial 75% of people saw a reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the hips, 64% saw a reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the thighs, 74% saw a reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and 64% saw a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks.

The cream is an investment to be sure, but because your skin is your largest organ and the one people see, it’s truly a wonderful form of self-care and the ultimate way to treat yourself.

Two Others Treats That Make Me Smile

My Weezie Bathrobe! I am nothing if not a fan of comfort and have been enjoying my nightly routine of robe + revitalizing my skin. I have two Weezie bathrobes (the traditional long sleeve, with a monogram) and the limited edition collaboration with India Amory that they just did. Both are equally fluffy and feel fabulous.

Comfy Slippers! This may be a no brainer, but I feel like getting a pair of slippers you love is such an easy daily treat. I love this pair and this pair the most.

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Thank you to Augustinus Bader for sponsoring this post and enlightening me on the importance of cellular skin care!

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