Basket-Inspired Beach Bags

Basket-Inspired Beach Bags

Ever since I got this little bunny basket for Elle at Mitylene, I’ve been thinking that I’ll bring it along to the beach this summer. While it will only hold a few of her dolls or a sippy cup and snack, there is something so sweet about imagining her running down the boardwalk with her own little tote. This, of course, assumes she’ll start walking by this summer (fingers crossed!), though that’s another topic.

We typically head to the beach a few times a year, and I’m always updating the bag I bring, having never found the perfect one. Last year I got a couple Eliza Gran baskets with the intention of turning them into beach bags, but the baskets got filled up with Elle’s toys and I never had the heart to repurpose. This year, I’ve rounded up the bags that have caught my attention. I’m still deciding the exact one I’ll go with, but wanted to share with you in case you’re thinking along the same lines.

As expected, these are neutral (if you’ve been reading the blog you may have picked up on the fact that I favor shades not exactly in the Roy G. Biv spectrum). I’ve found that it’s important to go with your gut and find pieces, even beach bags, ┬áthat speak to your true style or else they’ll sit in your closet and never be the “chosen” one to go on the trip.

What do you think of these bags? Are you a fan of the basket-inspired look? Also, let me know if you like this layout. Playing around with the best way to display products!

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