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You’ve been there before: on vacation or traveling for work and unable to make it to your favorite workout class. It’s a bummer and for many routine-oriented fitness fiends, it can be disorienting.

Good news! Lauren Foundos is ending fitness FOMO once and for all with FORTË, a subscription-based fitness streaming platform. That’s right, it’s like Netflix for your workout classes. Foundos, who got her start on Wall Street and can often be found on the ski slopes, just launched the service and has the fitness and tech worlds buzzing. Here she shares a bit about her background and gives us the scoop on her favorite studios in NYC.

If you think your studio has what it takes to be included on the platform, reach out to

1. Have you had any memorable mentors? If so, how did you meet? What advice have they shared that’s stuck with you?

My former boss from Wall Street has always been a great friend and mentor. He taught me to be tough (you need to be thick skinned to survive on a trading floor, especially as a woman in a man’s world), take risks, and trust my gut instincts about people.

I have always admired both of my parents. My mother for her incredibly positive outlook on everything, and my father for leading by example. He was born in communist Albania, ended up immigrating to America, receiving an MBA from Harvard, and becoming an incredibly successful engineer and entrepreneur. He always told me that there was no substitute for hard work, and that I could do anything I set my mind to. He led by example, and is a true inspiration to me.

2. You just launched FORTË, which is essentially changing the way people experience working out “on the go.” What motivated you to take FORTË from idea to reality?

FORTË is a tech company (b2b) and a subscription based fitness streaming platform (b2c). We have built hardware and software that we install in leading boutique fitness studios (Exhale, Aerospace, and others worldwide) so they can seamlessly stream live and on-demand fitness classes directly to our elite platform so our users can consume these cutting-edge workouts anywhere, anytime.

Before I began focusing on the technology aspect to bring my idea to fruition, I had to make sure that boutique fitness studios would allow me to live stream their actual studio classes. Initially, there were some reluctant individuals; but there were enough studio owners that shared my vision. Before I knew it they were asking, “so when do we get going with this live streaming?” At that point it was clear that although I didn’t realize it, the journey had already begun.

3. What are your favorite workouts in NYC?

Aerospace’s Aerojump, Tone House’s Conditioning Day, Nike Run Club’s Track Workouts, Barry’s Bootcamp, Mile High Run Club, Exhale’s Core Fusion Cardio, RIPPED Fitness and Flywheel.

4. We’ve all seen the “what’s in her bag” feature in magazines. What’s really in your bag?

Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment, tissues and maybe some sweaty workout gear in a small plastic bag from one of my favorite boutique fitness spots.

5. Parting words:

Never, ever doubt yourself. Confidence, hard work, and  a positive attitude will always yield great results.

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